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A note to my local news station about the circus being in town

25 Nov

I was so irritated this week watching my local news station promote the Cole Bros Circus being in town, I couldn’t help but drop them a little note on Facebook. I didn’t even care if it got any “Likes” or “Comments”, I just hoped that someone there would read it. Because not only did they report about it, but the correspondents would add their 2 cents by saying “I can’t wait to go” or “we’re going on Saturday”..further encouraging people to go. Below is my post:

“In the 1800’s, before science and studies, it was acceptable to enslave and beat animals in circuses. Today it is not. Cole Bros has already been fined by the USDA for violating the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) for the abuse of their elephants, yet every day this week you have advertised and interviewed Cole Bros and encouraged viewers to support them. On Friday, one of your on air correspondents even stated that he “loved elephants and can’t wait to see them at the circus” – what an oxymoron! No one that “loves” elephants would ever support an elephant in a circus. It is a fact that elephants will die in less than half of their intended life span if they do not have thousands of miles to roam. It is a fact that young female elephants require mothers and aunts to raise them until 16-18 years old (just like humans), it is a fact that elephants do not perform “tricks” 2 times a day on command without being beaten until their spirit is broken and regularly subjected to bullhooks (which are also banned and illegal). Wild animals in circuses are getting banned all over the world, for just some of the reasons I just stated. Not mentioned is also the problem of TB spreading throughout circuses, the horrible travel schedule and conditions, and the risk of a wild animal going rogue and killing people. Elephants are an endangered species – Asian and African – and deserve to be free. There is more than enough scientific evidence about elephants now to prove that what circuses are doing to them is wrong – they live a miserable slave life and are guaranteed an early death sentence. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with a circus that does not use wild animals, they can survive without them, i.e. Cirque du Soleil. It is disappointing that a news organization would establish such ignorance to encourage the support of a traveling circus with wild animals. Your 10 minutes of entertainment costs an animal her entire lifetime.”

While the TV station was doing a live remote in front of the elephants, they state that they have a two 5 year old’s that perform, and a one year old that doesn’t perform yet. I can only imagine the hell she’s going through getting trained.

Please – if the circus is ever in your town, DON’T GO. Do not support acts of abuse, do not teach your children that it’s OK to treat animals that way, and that animals are not meant to amuse and entertain us.  Elephants are, in fact, an endangered species. Nature will have played no part in their extinction, it is 100% the result of human beings – due to poaching, enslavement and encroachment.

~ LT


Alec Baldwin Urges Boycott of Ringling Bros and Circuses That Use Wild Animals

19 Mar

Award winning actor and animal rights activist Alec Baldwin released a video for PETA urging people to boycott Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus and other circuses that use wild animals.  The almost four minute long video exposes Ringling Bros. cruel treatment of their elephants, which has been well documented over the years. The star of NBC’s hit comedy 30 Rock pleads with viewers to not only boycott the circus but to also understand the natural habitat and needs of a wild elephant versus the cruel life an elephant leads in captivity with a traveling circus.

“The amount of suffering those elephants go through in order to entertain anyone’s 5 years old for fifteen minutes is a crime”
Dr. Mel Richardson, Veterinarian with 40 Years Experience with Elephants

It’s been proven that elephants in circuses develop arthritis, suffer psychological damage, live in unnatural conditions and have a much shorter life span. Their lives are spent being trained and corrected with brutal and painful training equipment, they’re forced to perform despite their health, they’re in confined storage places chained at the foot, they endure extensive travel in small poorly ventilated boxcars, they’re subject to diseases such as tuberculosis and they’re denied the social companionship that elephants naturally depend on.

Alec Baldwin: Boycott Circuses That Use Animals

Baldwin has been an animal rights activist and PETA supporter for many years. In November 2000 he appeared on a celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and won $250,000 which he donated to PAWS. He’s a card-carrying member of PETA and narrated the PETA video Meet Your Meat

He joins a long list of celebrities that advocate for elephants including Cher, Bob Barker, Cloris Leachman, Ricky Gervais, Calvin Klein, Sarah Ferguson, Tommy Hilfiger, Sophie Dahl, Lily Tomlin, Gisele Bundchen, James Franco, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kathy Griffin and Billy Bob Thornton, among others I’ve failed to name.


Animal Defenders International introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, H.R. 3359 to amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to restrict the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses and traveling exhibitions. Please, contact your member of congress today and urge him/her to support and co-sponsor HR 3359, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act. It’s very simple and only takes a moment. Everything you need, talking points and sample letters, are right here on this action page.




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