Rescue Dogs


If you can’t adopt…foster
If you can’t foster…sponsor
If you can’t sponsor…donate
If you can’t donate…volunteer
If you can’t volunteer…educate, cross post in social media

Everyone can do something.


Please take note:

If you ever need to re-home your pet DO NOT LIST THEM ON CRAIGSLIST. Especially dogs. The site is notorious for “innocent looking people” coming to pick up your dog, and then using them as bait dogs in dog fights. And dog fighting happens in EVERY town. If your dog is female and isn’t spayed, they’ll turn her into a puppy mill dog and she’ll live the rest of her life in a wire cage with no human touch, constant breeding and no veterinarian care. If the only alternative is to take your pet to a shelter, check first that it’s not a kill shelter. Owner surrenders are the first to die. Check your area for a reputable no-kill shelter. If it’s a specific breed, they will get in touch with organizations that specialize in that breed and they will “pull” the dog from the shelter.


Check back for more info soon, I’m working on it 🙂


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